Bathtub products technology

For many people, no more relaxed than what a bath, but we have a few suggestions, such as in soft, rich emotion, light bathing, or taking a bath while listening to love music or books, and relax the muscles and stimulate the blood circulation, advanced and mature massage system to reduce joint pressure that is the successful experience of health, lighting, sound and massage techniques SAVOIA to bring the ultimate experience for you to relax.

Beauty and health: installation of integrated light SAVOIA bath allows you to enjoy the benefits of the light at the same time in the shower.

Life in color: not only is the medical professionals who understand the benefits of light, SAVOIA "is only capable of that.The SAVOIA bathtub is installed with integrated LED bright lights, create a romantic atmosphere, the bath time Yulaiyi fashion phototherapy.

Relax the body and mind: SAVOIA bath also has a musical sound components, bring excellent vocal enjoyment. The device is completely hidden behind the bathtub, and does not affect the appearance of the bathtub. In addition, the system can be used in the case of water or no water.

Through the remote control device can select the light, and with a dimming function.