Shower room products technology

High quality aluminum and stainless steel profiles of raw materials, not only sharp, but also stable as a rock, at any time to give greater stability.

Strict control of the manufacturing process to make the accessories in the visual high-end, in the production of technology to improve the quality of the product.

Using the maintenance free ball bearing technology and the sliding technology with the concave roller, the sliding element is smooth and silent, providing an excellent user comfort in the sliding work.

High cold metal inlaid in glass, highlighting the unique taste, but also easy to clean care.

Does the wall need to be perforated and can be installed?
Of course can!

No need to impact the wall, to avoid breaking the wall, damage the wall environment.
Only hexagonal screws can be easily installed.

Under the profile cover hides the impact metope expander.

  • 1

    Fixed installation location shower room, open the cover, shower area housing wall surface profile impact inside hexagonal screw turn inward from metope expander bolt in the middle.

  • 2

    Will avoid torsional impact among metope expander bolt in place after the shower room around expander will form the tensile force of outward, thus fixed body shower room, than traditional installation simpler, more strong.



The surface of the glass, smooth the shower room of high density, no dirt, not linked to pollution, easy to clean the inside and outside.



Unique water retaining strip design, really do the separation of wet and dry bathroom, to ensure high waterproof and durable shower fun.