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When the Italian design...
With the Italian quality experience...
Fusion of cutting-edge clean technology...


The smart toilets developed by SAVOIA teamed up with top designers are undoubtedly the perfect combination of superior design and peak quality.

Adhering to advanced technology and the world's leading high-performance teams and operational processes, SAVOIA intends to interpret design, sanitary, safe and comfortable life quality. With electronic flushing system and modern comfortable body cleaning technology-- -SAVOIA y has developed new smart water cleaning technologies.


 Inheritance and inspiration, began in 1976 

Italian SAVOIA Ceramic Group was established in 1976 and headquartered in Fiorano of the city Modenese, Italy.

After over thirty years of sustained development, SAVOIA gathered painstaking efforts of many design masters and inherited Italian design soul. In addition, through continuous technological innovation, SAVOIA has become a leading global ceramics brand.

As the Italian royal imperial supplies, SAVOIA enjoys exceptional advantages. Hence, SAVOIA values such artistic wealth very much, and devotes to creating a cultural brand with unique connotation and temperament. SAVOIA absorbs noble temperament of Italian royalty. After a century of heritage and development, it has a distinctive artistic expression and influence.

Aristocratic taste is always classic. Taking royal temperament as classic quality is the art style convinced by SAVOIA. SAVOIA classic fashion is the common pursuit of taste of each modern. As a fashion brand to create enjoyment, SAVOIA is committed to providing the most shining and the best bathroom space life and explaining it accordingly with a unique space philosophy.


  • To the Italian motorcycle brand, Ducati for the design inspiration. SAVOIA advocating free and unrestrained, into the future of fantasy and classic retro elements, subversive change, creating fashion tough guy. Bronze is Ducati and the world to meet the tough guy dress, door hinge, handle, hinge and other hand texture highlight the wild wind.

  • Changhong lying wave, not ji He Hong! Moon series of designers to choose from nature in the form for the bathroom to add a bright scenery line, presents the modern science and technology and the integration of the natural beauty. Like a crescent moon rising, bright yao people.

  • The designers of “Shangling” series insight into the most popular fashion trends and take innovative applications into the sanitary product s, and let the bathroom cabinet farewell the plane era through the industry's top manufacturing technology implementation.