Bathroom cabinet



Massage bathtub



Shower combination



Basin mixer



Conjoined toilet

Life is not static, it needs color embellishment.Fantasy blue adds a bit of longing for the bathroom, a bit of personality.

We are clever in the blue rooted in each category, highlighting the overall style,
Let each product have its own personality characteristics.

Storage cabinet and delicate side cabinet fully compensate for insufficient storage cabinet, enhance the induction volume, rational use of space.

Blue represents dreams, science and technology, dignified and elegant, lively, not frivolous, this is why designers choose this color, use up more reasonable scene, let it be.

Multi function combination of dark wall shower program, rich combination function allows you to choose the most comfortable shower according to your preferences.

You are like a rain shower type fully and delightfully, or have a waterfall shower romantic, perhaps more exciting side spray, you can switch the love way to reach to the effect of bath.

Concise ideas outline the framework of life, flowing lines tell the beauty of momentum. Using dynamic lines to deduce a new generation of fashion. With smooth and solid lines to show different SAVOIA match elegance.