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Massage bathtub



Conjoined toilet

We give the leader a beautiful curve, and we also allow the user to take the water when the structure is designed, and the water flow releases the most perfect flow pattern.

Bathroom cabinet with white and pure fashion hombic other panels based on simple fashion, with the punchline, undoubtedly can make the space icing on the cake, the exquisite detail to design showing a sense of quality and temperament of luxury.

Open the cabinet, multilayer storage washing, cosmetics hidden but beautiful spot, put on the details of the visit reflects the design.

SAVOIA saivy, since its birth, has always attached great importance to Italy's traditional aesthetic design, comfortable bathroom is the most important trait, so human and material touch has become very important in the design of soft material, as far as possible.

SAVOIA has always adhered to the idea of "people-oriented" in the design. To create a harmonious living environment with the perfect combination of design, material, color and function, leading a different style of life in Italy.

People's concept of life and values are changing, and begin to seek the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and begin to pay more attention to the quality of life and the feelings of the heart. In fact, for the family, we should pay more attention to the self, follow your inner voice, let every moment in the room space, feel elegant and harmonious, peaceful and comfortable, Home Furnishing life eventually becomes a kind of enjoyment, rather than a ceremony.

Design without complex decoration, with simple lines to build the beauty of natural humanity, while striving to concise and direct, but also pay attention to the details of the decoration, revealing the warmth of life.

The perfect radian is the essence of the flexible use of this series of designers, whether it is toilet or bathtub, and even leading. Different materials can reflect the beauty of arc.

Italy avant garde design style as the keynote, simple design into fashion collocation, through elegant line design and art furniture interpretation of the unusual art.