Smart Toilets Technology

Everything is in the details

SAVOIA smart toilet has a lot of adjustable personalized settings and a microwave automatic body identification system and brings extremely delicate security for personal hygiene. Here, we will show you the source of unmatched safety performance of SAVOIA smart toilet. In addition, advanced self-cleaning sterilization system ensures clean and healthy use.

With the perfect quality of both inside and outside, constantly exceed the expectations of users, let every family enjoy a better life

  • Therefore, bathroom is completely different from kitchen and living room because product design, quality, security and reliability are more challenging for bathroom. Sauna test is a self-developed testing equipment of SAVOIA. In high temperature and high humidity laboratory at temperature of 45℃, limit testing not less than 48 hours is conducted, in order to ensure both comfortable experience and no anxiety.

  • Today, the definition of the bathroom has been very different. Intelligent and convenient technologies bring bathroom lasting joyful happiness. Meanwhile, water-related intelligence products require a higher security assurance. Security quality of SAVOIA is obvious.

    • One of the principles we use in product design and production is that all materials are as pure as possible, higher than the industry standards, and become part of the safety performance guarantee.
    • Electric products are with the induction current in a humid environment is more obvious, if you wake up at night when the toilet, suddenly the tingling may let you sleep in the mist and instantly awake, this is certainly not what we want. SAVOIA design inspiration, in the toilet seat in the installation of the anti electric aluminum foil, cleverly avoids a cool experience.
    • SAVOIA pay close attention to basic components, one of which is an important component of internal intelligence products, its important position, if the internal device fabrication or poor water seepage, can lead to control failure and generate insecurity. SAVOIA perfectly realizes the precise control of the internal device and the filling glue seal, so as to eliminate the risk factors and many problems which are difficult to overcome in the past technology.
    • A pressurization valve device, in the process of flushing valve for automatic flushing water aerobic pressurized oxygen water formed in the water outlet terminal, security is more powerful, more clean clean clean.
  • SAVOIA ya saivy intelligent closestool has multiple spray washing spray washing mode, intensity and position of optional, strong and soft, accurate and comfortable cleaning experience to meet your individual needs.

  • Just install the APP of the intelligent toilet on the mobile phone with Android or IOS system to meet the functions of entertainment, music, water washing and so on. The toilet is equipped with the top sound, which can be more convenient and comfortable to enjoy the entertainment experience, feel the infinite enjoyment of hearing.

    In addition to drying, the general flushing, washing and automatic drop function, but also according to the user's needs to adjust the amount of water, water temperature and water outlet position makes the user experience more comfortable and humane.

  • The self-cleaning glaze sterilization treatment, make him the ultimate smooth surface, so that impurities nowhere to find, dirt or stains cannot be attached to the toilet on the wall. Just press, Shun Jin Chong powerful suction cleaning, can effectively clean easily, can effectively suppress the residual bacteria, make ceramic toilet lasting clean, let you feel at ease to use.

  • The dual core super water-saving scouring system needs only 3.8L flushing water and once flushing.

  • Double vortex flushing, flushing fluid mechanics design technology innovation, perfect, create a more efficient, 3.8L can instantly clean water.

  • Cleaning power

    The technology of flushing and suction has brought about an innovative and powerful way of flushing, effectively ensuring the scouring effect

  • Anti siphon reflux

    By using the force acting on the height difference of the liquid surface, after the flushing is finished, the water is filled with the inverted U shaped tubular structure, so as to prevent the reflux phenomenon

  • Built in standby power

    Effective use of pipeline pressure energy storage, so that water can be fully utilized, when the power cut, still can complete efficient erosion.

  • Intelligent water saving technology

    The water consumption of the traditional toilet is changed, and the water flushing standard of the water-saving water closet is surpassed. The water consumption only needs 2.7/3.8L, and the water saving amount reaches 40%.