Toilet products technology


Triple intelligent deodorant,
Completely solve the bathroom odor problems

Advanced clean system, water filtration deodorization, catalytic deodorant,ozone sterilization, deodorant, completely solve the bathroom smell, clean andpure and fresh.


    Through the suction, the odor gas into the drainage channel, through the toilet seat cavity, the use of odor gases (hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, uric acid, etc.) easy to dissolve water characteristics, dissolved in the cavity of the wet water Gas.


    Oxygen in the air(O2 )and water(H2O)Through the catalyst catalytic role in the surface to produce a large number of OH-, with the smell of organic substances in the chemical reaction to produce pollution-free carbon dioxide(CO2 )and water(H2O),So repeatedly use no supplies, will not reduce the effect.


    After double filtration, can reach 95% deodorant effect, and finally discharge a small amount of unfiltered odor completely dissolved in the tank water vapor, and was deodorant function box to release the ozone tank (O 3 ) further harmless decomposition. Can ensure that more than 98% of the deodorant effect.

Two toilets are equipped with triple deodorization function, with the unique appearance design, curve and geometry art will all the ranks of the most basic elements. All sit on principle of accord with human body engineering design, to provide you with the most comfortable toilet.


Self-developed patent microcrystalline sterilization glaze technology, can quickly achieve toilet and sterilization self-cleaning ceramic face basin. Using nanometer scale membrane layer, higher than the ordinary ceramic dozens of times, the surface tension of the liquid is not easy to hang on, easy to clean. To join the silver ion antibacterial, sterilization ability, and last forever in the glaze of the products, make the product each minute can effective sterilization.