Team cohesion and win-win future -- competition of bathroom development

Team cohesion and win-win future -- competition of bathroom development

Student Mien
2017/10/16 10:16
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     In December 5, 2016, under the organization of the school, the outdoor development training was carried out with the theme of "team cohesion and win-win future".
The team members were randomly divided into 4 teams for team building.
The Great Wall team: make every effort to enjoy it
Our team: faith unity win
Ant team: unite with one's own interests and break away from gold
Rockets: the arrows to invincible.
In the team, anything is not a person's thing, only the unity of the team is unified, only team cooperation is efficient implementation.
A short day, we sweat, laughter, games, discussion and try to learn cooperation, encourage each other, share the victory, find warmth, taste moved; with practical action interpretation of the trust, identity, cooperation, communication, cohesion, joy and beyond.
Speed 100 seconds
Gold of the Desert Kings
Passion beats cup song
     In a day of expansion training, we cooperate with each other, unity and cooperation, completed the "carton Pyramid", "speed 100 seconds", "desert Nuggets", "cup song" and a series of enhance the sense of belonging to the team expansion project. Finally the wolf team won the final victory, as their slogan, faith, unity and victory!
     Thus, short training ended, after the training, saiwell Ya bathroom team is more of a good harvest management concept, a collaborative team culture, a fighting spirit of a charge into the enemy ranks, happy face life and work passion, a dream and face and determination.
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